#100DaysOfCode Challenge

Transform your life by committing to learning for 30 minutes a day for a hundred days. You’ll have the support of the Treehouse community of students working with you.

Your Journey Starts Here

Start your #100DaysOfCode challenge anywhere in the Treehouse course catalog. Enroll in Techdegree or a Track today and let the daily coding begin.

Lots of folks use Twitter or Instagram to document their daily #100DaysOfCode work. Use the #100DaysOfCode hashtag and tag us so we can see what you’re working on and share it.

Earn Your Badge

Love the Treehouse badge system? So do we! Once you complete the 100-day challenge, you’ll earn a unique badge to add to your collection. 

Start Coding Today

I'm Already a Treehouse Student. Can I Join?

Absolutely! Just sign up for the emails and start tweeting about your daily coursework going forward. You don’t have to start from square one; just start wherever you’re at, and commit to coding for a half-hour every day.

What Is The #100DaysOfCode Challenge?

100 Days Of Code is a social media project, primarily on Twitter, that anyone can participate in via the #100DaysOfCode hashtag. Developer Alex Kallaway started it in 2016 based on the idea that consistency is the path to mastery. Plus, the hashtag fosters a sense of community—you can use it to see where others are at in their journey and to stay motivated to document your own.

How Can I Participate?

Do #100DaysOfCode with Treehouse! Work your way through our Tracks, or document your Techdegree journey—either way, tweeting what you’re learning each day is a great way to see your coding progress unfold and find support. We’ll support you with encouraging emails along the way, and you’ll have the Treehouse online community to supplement your Twitter interactions. At the end of your 100 days coding with us, you’ll get a Treehouse badge specifically for this challenge.

Do I Have to Do a Specific Treehouse Program?

Nope! The “code” part of #100DaysOfCode can be whatever subject matter you want. As long as you are taking time to learn and practice each day, the possibilities are endless. 

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Share your progress on social - the more posts, the merrier

On day 99, share your coding creations with us if you haven't already

On day 100, earn your Treehouse badge!

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What Happens At The End Of The 100 Days?

You get an awesome #100DaysOfCode Treehouse badge! And the joy of knowing you followed through on a big endeavor. Plus, you probably made a lot of new connections and gained a lot of new coding expertise. Keep us updated on your journey and what you take away from it!

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