Treehouse has provided an easy and engaging way for our patrons to learn or sharpen coding skills. We feel this resource can help prepare them for great jobs in our tech-vibrant community.

Online learning programs designed for your patrons

Libraries across the country are using Treehouse to deliver on-demand training to their communities.

Empower your community

Regardless of age, background or education, your library members can learn to code using Treehouse. That's because the Treehouse platform is specifically designed with new learners in mind. Content is broken down into digestible courses with interactive quizzes that reinforce learning. Your members will also have access to our active community to ensure they get the support they need to learn.

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Topics we teach

• Android 
• APIs 
• Business 
• C# 
• Computer Science

• Data Analysis 
• Databases 
• Design 
• Development Tools
• Digital Literacy
• Go

• iOS
• Java
• JavaScript
• Machine Learning

• Quality Assurance 
• Python#
• Ruby
• Security
• Swift
• WordPress

Learning with Treehouse

We've created an environment that lowers learning barriers for students and motivates them to develop their skills quickly.

Learning tracks

Instead of wondering where to start, students can use tracks to master new subjects. Tracks contain curated collections of courses that lead students through topics in easy-to-digest stages.

Course library

The Treehouse library houses all of our courses, tracks and workshops. Here students can browse by topic, language or content type, and find what they need to help them accomplish their learning goals.


All Treehouse content is focused on technology and includes content that teaches mobile, front-end and back-end web development in a variety of programming languages. We structure our learning features with beginning developers in mind.

Engaging and fun

Gamification of learning helps students stay motivated. Each time they pass a quiz, watch a video, or complete a course, students receive points which are tracked on their public Treehouse profile.

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How you'll use Treehouse

Treehouse support and admin tools are designed to ensure you can easily see community usage and prove value for your investment.

Activity monitoring

Quickly see how your patrons are utilizing Treehouse with aggregated activity data. Adjustable timelines give insight into when members are most active. Activity feeds also allow you to see what content people are engaging with most.

Exportable reports

If additional insights are needed, exportable reports allow you to further analyze patron usage and session metrics, giving you the opportunity to develop custom reporting for your board.

Custom tracks

Create custom curriculum for library coding classes or community workforce initiatives. Tell our team of learning experts what you want to achieve, and we'll help you curate the most relevant Treehouse content for your community training goals.

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