TalentPath is a turnkey solution that helps companies hire and retain software engineers and product designers from the Black, Latinx and Women's community.

Real results

TalentPath is a results-based program that helps you hire and retain talent from underrepresented groups. Less talk and more action.

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There's no talent pipeline problem. You just need to know where to look

At Treehouse, we needed to create a diverse, balanced team but we kept hiring individuals who looked like us. We spent over two years building a solution for ourselves, and it was so successful that we decided to turn it into a program other companies could install. Please meet TalentPath ...

We hold your hand the whole way

We use our four-part system to help you create a scalable, sustainable, high-quality talent pipeline from your local community, right into your company.

Don't just listen to us ...

“Treehouse is our secret weapon in the talent war. Our competitors have not been successful at recruiting our apprentices away from us and they’ve grown into some of our best talent.” 

- Eric Muntz, SVP Engineering, Mailchimp

Your custom, scalable hiring program

We help you build a complete program to recruit, hire and retain talent from underrepresented communities.

Create a diverse team

We're working with companies like Chegg, to connect them to amazing talent, right from their local community.

Working with companies like you

"We've never seen this before."

“TalentPath has brought us a connectivity to the local community that we've never seen before.” 

- Mike Mansbach, President, MINDBODY

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TalentPath was featured in Harvard Business Review Case Study called "How My Company Created an Apprenticeship Program to Help Diversify Tech".

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