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Meet the Treehouse Apprenticeship Program: An end-to-end solution for recruiting, training, and supporting individuals from communities that have been boxed out of tech.

Recruit, train, and retain a diverse team.

Apprenticeship works. 
We’ve done it ourselves.

Many tech companies—including ourselves—have historically had trouble building and retaining teams from diverse backgrounds.

Here in the Treehouse office, we've spent the past two years working alongside former apprentices. We’ve scaled what worked for us to serve the hiring needs of major companies like Mailchimp and Adobe. 

Build diverse talent pipelines into your tech company

Data-driven results

Treehouse Apprentices earn our proven Techdegree, get guaranteed health care coverage, and increase their annual household income by a median amount of $36k. And with a retention rate of 80%, Apprenticeship is clearly working for employers, too.

Treehouse sets you and apprentices up for success

Treehouse Apprenticeship offers you a scalable, retention-driven talent pipeline to facilitate healthy growth in your organization.

Your apprentices will have career support, $0 student debt, and no "pay us back when you get a job" clause from Treehouse.

“We were impressed with their experience and we really loved the different way of thinking that they brought into our team.”

Alex Mestas, Co-Founder

“Treehouse helped us build a diverse, local talent pipeline for our fast growing engineering teams. They found the people, they trained the people and ensured they were successful in every aspect. It is a well run program that also does genuine good for the community and the industry.”

Tim Goodwin, CTO

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Treehouse partners with community partners to recruit high-potential talent. We then begin working with the employer to train their team on inclusive on-boarding.

(1-2 months)

How it works

Career support
(2 years)

Students learn employer-specific development processes, on-site 40hrs/wk being paid MIT Living Wage hourly. Treehouse continues weekly meetings with the apprentices and employer.

(3 months)

Apprentices convert to permanent employees. Treehouse actively support the new employees for two years so they can navigate challenges and advance their careers.

(3 months)

Students begin training through the Treehouse Techdegree. Treehouse conducts weekly meetings with the students and employer for mentoring, coaching, and progress review.

How many apprentices do we need to commit to as a company?
Five is the minimum number of apprentices to which you need to commit. This is because there is a lot of machinery and effort that we have to put into place to train those apprentices specifically for you. Also, part of what we're doing is helping you systematize this process so that it's repeatable. 

If we had five apprentices start, how would we make sure that they were successful?
We collaborate with your team to deploy our thorough Apprenticeship Onboarding Playbook and run it with you. We meet with your apprentices, mentors and key stakeholders every week to help them through the process and support the team to success.

General Questions

How much does it cost?
Our program costs less than using a recruiter or relying on senior talent alone - and you can build a repeatable process that grows a diverse and balanced team.

Where do the apprentices come from?
We find the apprentices in your local community. We partner with national groups that have a presence in every major U.S. city, such as Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Dress for Success, a non-profit focusing on empowering women. We work together to find people from underrepresented groups in your area who also have the potential to become developers.

We also work with several other groups that are specific to individual cities. These organizations trust us to find the best places for their people to work.

What programming languages do Apprentices learn?

✓ Full Stack JavaScript

✓ Front End Development

✓ UX Product Design

✓ PHP Development

What if we don't want or need diversity, equity and inclusion training?
The organizations that we work with (Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Dress for Success) trust us to find safe and welcoming places for our apprentices to work. It's part of our promise to those organizations that we have given the apprentices the best start we can. We also find that retention is higher when you train your people in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

How long does the process take?
Around 11 months from signing the contract to us delivering your trained apprentices. However, during that time we spend time training you in diversity, equity and inclusion (to help with retention) and fostering relationships between the apprentices and the mentors at your company who will be directing them when they start work.

How long does the apprenticeship last?
The apprenticeship lasts 3 months. For the first 3 months your apprentice is paid hourly (this should be at the MIT living wage rate found here: livingwage.mit.edu). After the apprenticeship, the goal is to move successful apprentices into a salaried role which is the lowest developer role in your organization. Typically this is $55k+, but can depend on the hiring partner.

What is the success rate?
The percentage of apprentices that successfully transition from hourly pay to long-term roles is 80%+.

How do we retain our new apprentices once they arrive?
We help you recruit and train mentors from your current team, to guide your new apprentices. We are also on hand to help guide you through this process. We also recommend communicating to your whole company that you are investing in a new method of hiring that will help diversify your teams and make a better product for everyone. There will be weekly check-ins with our team to ensure your apprentices are doing what is required and progressing at the right pace.

Changing lives and creating generational opportunity

Meet Moses, a Treehouse apprentice. 
 “I was always thinking, how can I be successful? I was beginning to think that it was impossible. Now, I work with a team of people who really care about making a great product. I’m growing and improving every day. I’m not just coming to work and doing a job anymore, I have a career.”

Employers we've worked with