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What is the program length?
Each Techdegree varies a bit in the number of projects and courses. In addition, the time it takes to complete a Techdegree can vary quite a bit based on the amount of time you can commit to your studies and how quickly you progress through the courses and projects. However, we've found that by committing 3 hours per day to your studies students have been able to complete each of the following Techdegrees in as little as: 
Front End Web Development - 4 months 
Full Stack JavaScript - 5 months 
iOS - 7 months 
Python Web Development - 7 months

What equipment do I need to get started?
You need a computer and an internet connection. You may need additional programming tools depending on what you are studying, but those tools will be listed in your program, and are free to download and use.

General Questions

How is the Techdegree different from regular Treehouse courses?
Many students have reached their learning goals using Treehouse courses. The Techdegree takes our top-rated content and enhances the experience with peer-reviewed projects that help build your portfolio, an exclusive Slack channel for support, a final exam to prove competency, and a certificate for those who pass.

Can I skip courses if I have previously completed them as a student?
Yes, if you've already completed a course using the same Treehouse account, it will be marked completed in the Techdegree.

Should I complete any courses to prepare for the Techdegree?
Techdegrees are designed to take you from a beginner level and teach you all you need to build a solid technical foundation in a given topic.

What kind of support do you offer?
You will get personalized feedback on each of your projects to ensure you are on the right track with your work. You will gain access to an exclusive Slack channel where you can connect with other Techdegree students 24/7.

Can I switch to a different Techdegree?
Yes. You can go to your profile and switch to another Techdegree at any time. Your new subscription price will be based on the price of the Techdegree you are enrolled in. The student will actually be charged a prorated amount, or receive a prorated credit if there is a difference between the two Techdegree costs.

Am I allowed to pause or cancel after I’ve started the Techdegree?
Yes. You have the option to pause or cancel at any time, however, we encourage you to stick with the program to keep up your momentum and retain the knowledge you learned as the courses are sequential and build upon the concepts learned in the previous courses.

Does a Techdegree guarantee me a job? Do you reimburse me if I don’t get a job after I graduate?
No. Like many educational establishments, we believe the skills and attitude a student gains will ultimately secure them a job, not the degree itself. This is why we focus on providing students with high-quality courses that set them up for success. While some online schools advertise job guarantees, what they don’t mention is these roles are often at predetermined companies in specific locations. We want to help people find better tech jobs and fill openings where they live and in their own communities, not just train people to work in Silicon Valley or for a specific company.

Projects, Final Exam, and Certification

How often can I submit a project and what are there restrictions?
To ensure sufficient time can be spent on each of your project reviews, submissions are limited to one project every seven days.

How does the final exam work, and what happens if I don’t pass?
Once you complete your projects, you will be able to take the final exam. You will have 1 hour to complete the exam. The exam is timed and composed of quiz questions. After the exam, you'll receive a grade. If you passed, you'll have finished the Techdegree and will receive a certificate. If you do not pass, you'll be able to take the exam again the next time, giving you time to study and prepare to retake the exam.

What can I expect from project reviews?
Every project you submit will be reviewed and graded by a fellow Treehouse student. They will review your work and provide feedback, based on a set of standards. This feedback will help you know what you are doing well and learn what you can do better and build your confidence in your skills as a developer.

Can someone look at my project before I submit it?
Absolutely! Feel free to post a link to your GitHub to one of the project channels on Slack and request some feedback. You can also find a list of students who are willing to do project reviews pinned to your track's main channel. Reach out to any of these students. They're happy to help!

Is your program accredited?
A Treehouse Techdegree is not associated with higher education accreditation. By earning a Techdegree, you are certified by Treehouse that you have completed the program, and have learned the technical foundation in your chosen topic. In addition, the portfolio of projects you build, and the results of your final exam are validation you can share with potential employers.


How much does the Techdegree cost?
Students pay for the Techdegree program on a monthly basis. The Techdegree program costs $199/month.

Do you offer any financing or payment plans?
Treehouse doesn’t currently offer any financing or payment plans for the Techdegree program.

Do you offer any scholarships or discounts?
At this time, Treehouse does not offer any scholarships or discounts for the Techdegree program.

How do I pay for the Techdegree?
Paying for the Techdegree is simple — just provide your debit or credit card information and you will be billed on a monthly basis.

Are there any group discounts/rates available?
Please visit Treehouse for Teams and fill out the request form to learn more about bringing Treehouse to your team.

Personalized support to help you succeed

Our staff of student success specialists provide live, interactive assistance, including weekly question and hour sessions, so that students can get individualized help when they need it. Our friendly online community is more than just a place to get answers, it’s a place where you can meet other students and share your journey to becoming a developer or designer.

      Dedicated team of student success specialists

      Weekly office hours for live, personalized 

      Practice important communication skills 

      Exclusive Slack community

Front End Web Development


Learn how to build basic websites and user experiences with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Learn about web development, mobile app development or user experience design, while creating a portfolio of real-world projects, and gaining job-ready skills.

A guided learning path for beginners

With so much online learning available, trying to learn job-ready tech skills can feel overwhelming. Our Techdegree was created to provide you with a guided learning path that starts at the beginning and takes you, step-by-step, to the skills you’ll need for an entry level job. We've combined video education, with structured online test, and coding challenges, so that you can practice what you’ve learned, and develop the problem solving skills you’ll need on the job.

      Guided learning path

      No hard deadlines or due dates 

      Pause or cancel anytime

      Instruction in computer science and team 

A portfolio of real world projects

Each Techdegree includes 9-12 real-world projects which stretch students to apply what they've learned in progressively more in-depth projects modeled on real world scenarios. You'll learn how to program (or design), build and deploy web sites, design site layouts, conduct user research, create and use APIs, and more. Each project is individually graded: you'll receive personalized feedback to let you know how you did, and how you can get better.

Reinforce your skills

      Build real-world projects

      Get in-depth code and project reviews

      Create a career-ready portfolio

A bootcamp that fits your life

Unlike in-person bootcamps which require full time commitment for weeks or months at a time, the Techdegree is built to fit your life. Are you already working, have family obligations, or just can't drop everything for months to study full time? Our self-paced, online program lets you study when you can, at a pace that works best for you.

      Learn from anywhere

      Learn at anytime

      No strict deadlines

      Dive in, take a break, or cancel at anytime

A smarter way to start your career

Launch a new career with the Techdegree

A flexible, online bootcamp to launch your tech career

With average salaries for entry-level developers and user experience designers falling in the range of $60,000 to $80,000 per year, the growing tech job market provides the opportunity to start a fulfilling and successful career. Our project-based, online bootcamp lets you learn in-demand skills, while building a portfolio of professional projects. Graduate with the skills you need to start a new career at a fraction of the cost of other bootcamps, training programs, or colleges.

A guided learning path

Learn technical and soft skills

Reinforce knowledge with interactive challenges 

Build a portfolio of personally-reviewed projects

Exclusive live, online support community 

Weekly question and answer sessions 

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User Experience Design


Learn to critique designs, complete user research, wireframe, prototype, and design for web and mobile applications.



Full Stack JavaScript

Learn to build interactive websites and powerful web applications with JavaScript.